Screenshot Captor Crack + Activation Key [Full Version]

Screenshot Captor Crack

Screenshot Captor Crack is a powerful and full-featured screenshot tool for Windows. It provides an array of capture options and effects to take screenshots exactly how you want them. Screenshot Captor aims to make it quick and simple to capture any part of your screen. It stays out of the way until you need to take a screenshot. Then it provides an array of helpful features to capture, edit, annotate and share screenshots.

Screenshot Captor Crack + Activation Key [Full Version]

Screenshot Captor makes it easy to take screenshots of windows, regions, full screens, as well as scrolling and multi-monitor captures. It provides optimization for taking lots of screenshots quickly. The user can customize hotkeys for fast access to all capture modes. Screenshot Captor offers top-notch image annotation with callout arrows and text boxes. Annotate images to point out details or add clarifying text.

Uploading screenshots is a breeze with support for image hosting services. Share screenshots through email right from Screenshot Captor. The quick capture docking bar and post capture action dialog allow configurable options to enhance workflow. For added versatility, Screenshot Captor integrates webcams and video recording.

The program includes scanner acquisition tools to capture scans or screenshots from a scanner. Correct images and edit scans without needing to open another program. Screenshot Captor provides excellent support for Windows 7 transparency effects in captures. It offers the most powerful scrolling window capture available.


  • Screenshot Captor provides many great features for capturing, editing, organizing and sharing screenshots. It stays out of the way until you need to take screenshots. The intuitive and customizable hotkeys allow capturing screenshots in an instant. Capture entire screens, active windows, regions, objects and more.
  • Annotate images quickly and easily. Add callout arrows, text boxes, captions and comments. Draw attention to details in your screenshots. Access a full range of capture options optimized for productivity. Configure pre- and post-capture actions to enhance your workflow. Screenshot Captor makes it simple to take, edit and share screenshots.
  • The advanced scrolling window capture tools make it easy to capture full webpages and documents. Other key features include a quick capture docking bar, webcam and video recording support, smart filename generation, built-in sharing tools and much more. Take advantage of the array of capture modes, customizable hotkeys, editing tools, sharing options and special effects.

Screenshot Captor Crack + Activation Key [Full Version]

What’s New

  • Screenshot Captor 4 introduces new features and improvements. One highlight is the quick capture toolbar for streamlined workflow. The new post-capture action dialog makes it easy to take screenshots and quickly edit, save and share them. This release also introduces new webcam capture capabilities.
  • Other updates in Screenshot Captor 4 include a pixelate tool, smart text removal for censoring sensitive text, ragged edge splicing and active window enhancement effects. The improved autonaming uses incremental numbering for intuitive file management. This version also adds support for animated GIF captures.
  • Overall, Screenshot Captor 4 focuses on enhancing efficiency and productivity. The quick capture toolbar and post-action dialog allow power users to optimize their workflow. New effects augment the editing capabilities. Webcam support expands the capture possibilities. The improvements make it faster and easier than ever to take, edit and share screenshots.

Screenshot Captor Crack + Activation Key [Full Version]


  • Powerful and customizable capture options
  • Intuitive hotkeys for fast screenshot taking
  • Excellent annotation capabilities
  • Built-in sharing tools
  • Scrolling window capture
  • Webcam and video recording support
  • Smart autocaptions and autonaming
  • Special effects like text removal, enhancement, etc.
  • Extensive multi-monitor support
  • Highly configurable and integrates with other programs
  • Thumbnail browser for screenshots


  • Fairly complex interface with a learning curve
  • Too many options may seem overwhelming initially
  • Basic image editing lacks robustness of dedicated editors
  • Scrolling capture can be quirky at times
  • No native cloud syncing or mobile support
  • Updater can be slow and impact performance

System Requirements

  • Screenshot Captor supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later. For video recording, DirectX 9 or later is needed.
  • The software needs a minimum of 100 MB free disk space. Additional space is required for saving screenshots. A dual core 1.6 GHz or faster processor is recommended. 1 GB RAM is sufficient for most uses. For best performance, an SSD and dedicated graphics card are ideal.

Overall, Screenshot Captor has moderate system requirements. It should run fine on most modern Windows PCs. Actual needs depend on usage, like video recording requiring more resources. The program is lightweight for basic screenshot functions. But the advanced features demand more power.

How to Download and Install

Downloading and installing Screenshot Captor is quick and easy:

  1. Go to Download link Below.
  2. Under “Latest Official Release”, click the “Download v4.36.2” button.
  3. In the download popup, click Save File. The installer EXE will download.
  4. Once finished, double click the EXE file to launch the installer.
  5. Click Next on the installer welcome screen and accept the license agreement.
  6. Choose the desired install location on your PC and click Next.
  7. On the next screen, check any extra tasks you want the installer to perform.
  8. Click Install to begin the installation process.
  9. After installation completes, click Finish to launch Screenshot Captor. The program is now ready to use!

The process is very straightforward. Download, run the installer EXE, accept the license agreement and choose an install location. The defaults are fine for most users. Click Install and Screenshot Captor is ready for capturing screenshots.


Screenshot Captor Crack is a top-tier screenshot utility for Windows. It makes capturing, annotating, organizing and sharing screenshots easy. The wide range of customizable capture options ensures you can take screenshots exactly how you need them. Intuitive hotkeys give fast access to all tools.

Built-in sharing and robust editing capabilities allow screenshots to be utilized right from Screenshot Captor. Special effects augment images and webcam support adds versatility. Screenshot Captor aims to maximize productivity for power users. It streamlines screenshot workflows while staying out of the way until needed. For powerful, configurable screenshot capturing on Windows, Screenshot Captor is an excellent choice.

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