The Sims 4 Torrent PC Download: v1.100.147.1030 + DLCs

About The Sims 4 Game

The Sims 4 Torrent PC Download: v1.100.147.1030 + DLCs


The Sims 4 Torrent is the fourth major title in the popular life simulation video game series The Sims. Developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, The Sims 4 was originally released in September 2014 for Microsoft Windows. It allows players to create virtual people called “Sims” and place them in customized houses and help them live their lives. With its sandbox-style gameplay, detailed customization, and quirky humor, The Sims 4 provides an addictively entertaining simulation experience.

Game Features

The Sims 4 comes packed with exciting new features that take the franchise to new heights. Some of the key features include:

  • Improved Create-a-Sim: With refined controls and more options, you can intricately customize your Sims more than ever before. Sculpt their physical attributes, select personality traits, and outfit them.
  • New Build Mode: Construct your dream houses with the improved Build Mode, which now features more flexible placement options and the ability to adjust wall heights freely.
  • Emotions system: Your Sims now experience a wide range of emotions like happiness, angry, embarrassment, etc., that affect their behaviors, interactions, and more.
  • Seamless multiplayer: Play together with friends easily with the new seamless multiplayer functionality.
  • Expanded careers: Pursue dream careers like being a doctor, detective, astronaut, and more with the expanded selection of careers.
  • New social events: Throw or attend various social events like house parties for fun memories.

The Sims 4 Torrent PC Download: v1.100.147.1030 + DLCs

DLCs Included

The Sims 4 torrent download includes all the official DLCs released so far:

  • Get to Work Expansion Pack
  • Get Together Expansion Pack
  • City Living Expansion Pack
  • Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack
  • Seasons Expansion Pack
  • Get Famous Expansion Pack
  • Island Living Expansion Pack
  • Discover University Expansion Pack
  • Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack
  • Snowy Escape Expansion Pack
  • Cottage Living Expansion Pack
  • Incheon Arrivals Kit
  • Backyard Stuff Pack
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • Bowling Night Stuff
  • Fitness Stuff
  • Kids Room Stuff
  • Romantic Garden Stuff
  • Movie Hangout Stuff
  • Spooky Stuff
  • Luxury Party Stuff
  • Perfect Patio Stuff
  • Cool Kitchen Stuff
  • Moschino Stuff Pack
  • Paranormal Stuff Pack
  • Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack
  • Blooming Rooms Kit
  • Country Kitchen Kit
  • Bust the Dust Kit
  • Industrial Loft Kit
  • My Wedding Stories Game Pack
  • Dine Out Game Pack
  • Parenthood Game Pack
  • Jungle Adventure Game Pack
  • Strangerville Game Pack
  • Realm of Magic Game Pack
  • Vampires Game Pack
  • Outdoor Retreat Game Pack
  • Spa Day Game Pack

How to Get The Sims 4 Torrent PC Download for Free

Preliminary Requirements

To download and play The Sims 4 for free from torrent sources, you need:

  • A PC with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 OS.
  • A reliable internet connection for torrent download and installation.
  • A torrent client like uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent etc.
  • Approx. 25GB of free hard disk space for installing the game with all DLCs.
  • Optional: An EA-origin account for multiplayer (can play offline without an account).

Download Process

Follow these steps to get The Sims 4 full version torrent download along with all expansions and game packs:

  1. Search for The Sims 4 torrent files on torrent sites like ThePirateBay, RARBG, 1337x, etc.
  2. Select the torrent that has the maximum seeders and positive comments. This ensures it’s genuine and virus-free.
  3. Download the torrent using your preferred torrent client.
  4. Once downloaded, run the torrent file and point the installation to a suitable empty folder on your PC.
  5. The torrent installer will automatically install the base game and all DLCs in that folder.
  6. Disable the antivirus temporarily if it’s blocking any files during installation.
  7. Wait for the installation to complete fully. It can take 30-40 mins, depending on your PC.
  8. Enjoy playing The Sims 4 for absolutely free!

Guide to Install The Sims 4 Torrent Download

General Installation Instructions

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing The Sims 4 after downloading the torrent file:

  1. Locate and double-click the .exe installer from the completed torrent download.
  2. Select language and click OK on the initial screen.
  3. On the setup screen, click Next, leaving the destination folder unchanged.
  4. Check the box to accept the terms and click Next.
  5. Click Install to begin the installation process.
  6. The base game will install first, followed by all expansion and game packs.
  7. Wait patiently until everything is installed. Click Finish when done.
  8. The game launcher will open automatically. You can now play!

Installation Troubleshooting

Some common installation issues and their fixes:

  • Stuck at 0% – Temporarily disable antivirus and firewalls.
  • Missing . DLL files – Install the included DirectX and Visual C++ packages.
  • Crash on launch – Update your graphics drivers to the latest version.
  • Audio issues – Ensure you have the latest audio drivers installed.
  • Language issues – Change to the English language if the display is scrambled.

Visual Tour of The Sims 4

Screenshots of The Sims 4 Game

Here are some screenshots showcasing the beautiful graphics and gameplay of The Sims 4:

The Sims 4 Torrent PC Download: v1.100.147.1030 + DLCs
Screenshot 1
The Sims 4 Torrent PC Download: v1.100.147.1030 + DLCs
Screenshot 2


The Sims 4 offers diverse gameplay experiences, including:

  • Building customized dream homes for your Sims with the intuitive Build Mode.
  • Personalizing your Sims by customizing their looks, outfits, and traits.
  • Taking up exciting careers like being a doctor, scientist, detective, etc., and advancing in them.
  • Developing relationships, falling in love, getting married, and raising families.
  • Exploring vibrant neighborhoods like the hip San Myshuno city.
  • Unlocking new outfits, furniture, and other rewards.
  • Throwing parties and events for fun social gatherings.
  • Relaxing your Sims with yoga, meditation, spa days, and more.

System Requirements for The Sims 4 PC

Minimum System Requirements

Here are the minimum system specs needed to play The Sims 4:

  • OS: 64 Bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-2100T @ 2.50GHz or AMD Phenom II X3 8650.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • GPU: NVIDIA GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 7750 with 1GB VRAM.
  • Storage: 18 GB available space.

Recommended System Requirements

For best performance at 1080p HD resolution, your PC should have:

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit.
  • CPU: Intel i5 8400 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600.
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or AMD RX 480 8GB.
  • Storage: 25 GB free space.

Disabling Tips for better gaming experience

Turning off Autoplay

Disable autoplay in audio settings to avoid abrupt interruptions during gameplay.

Managing Notifications

Switch off notifications like emails, messaging, etc., during gameplay for an uninterrupted experience.

Tweaking Game Settings

Lower graphics settings if facing lags and stutters during gameplay on low-end PCs.

Final Thoughts on The Sims 4 Free Torrent Download

User Reviews

The Sims 4 currently enjoys a positive rating of 4.3/5 on Origin based on over 130k user reviews. Gamers praise the enhanced character customization, new emotions system, and entertaining simulation gameplay. Many appreciate that the torrent allows enjoying the full game for free.

Final Opinion

The Sims 4 torrent download is a great way to enjoy this addictively fun life simulation game with all expansions absolutely free. The improved graphics, deeper simulation, new emotional features, and seamless multiplayer make it the best Sims game yet. It’s easy to spend countless hours building dream homes, crafting unique Sims, and enjoying funny interactions. Overall, it’s a must-try for simulation game fans.

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