Total PDF Printer Crack + License Key [Latest]

Total PDF Printer Crack

Total PDF Printer Crack is software that allows you to print PDF documents in batches. It acts as a virtual PDF printer on your Windows computer. You can use it to merge multiple PDF files into one combined PDF or print PDFs to a connected printer.

Total PDF Printer Crack + License Key [Latest]

The software has an easy-to-use interface where you can select PDF documents or folders containing PDFs. You can then choose print settings like page orientation, print order, margins, and more. Headers and footers can be added to pages.

Total PDF Printer eliminates the need to open and print each PDF file individually. It saves you time when you need to print hundreds or thousands of PDF documents.

Total PDF Printer License Key

With the proliferation of digital documents, PDF (Portable Document Format) has become the standard for sharing reports, statements, forms, invoices and more. PDFs can preserve the original formatting of documents and be opened on any device. However, printing PDF files is often tedious and time-consuming. You have to open each PDF individually, click print, choose settings, and wait for it to process.

This manual workflow is inefficient if you need to print hundreds or thousands of PDFs at once. That’s where dedicated PDF printing software like Total PDF Printer comes in. This Windows application is designed to batch print unlimited PDF documents with just a single click.

Total PDF Printer Crack + License Key [Latest]

Total PDF Printer acts as a virtual printer on your computer. Simply add your PDF files or folders containing PDFs, select printing options like page size, orientation, margins, print order, watermarks and more, then output them to any installed printer or to a new PDF. It can combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF as well. The key benefit is the ability to print hundreds of PDF files sequentially in one shot. You save huge amounts of time compared to printing each file individually. Headers, footers, page numbers can be added automatically to the printout.

Advanced features include silent background printing, command line control, and a server edition for enterprises. Whether you need to print emails, reports, statements or any other documents in PDF format, Total PDF Printer makes it simple and efficient. Keep reading to learn more about the features, capabilities, and usage of this handy PDF printing automation tool.


  • Batch print unlimited PDF documents with one click.
  • Add customizable headers and footers to pages like page numbers, date or confidential mark.
  • Print PDFs alphabetically, by date, time or custom order.
  • Set orientation, margins, print multiple pages per sheet.
  • Adjust print quality and duplex settings.
  • Use advanced options like silent and command line printing.
  • Special server version for web servers and services.
Total PDF Printer Crack + License Key [Latest]

What’s New

Recent updates to Total PDF Printer include:

  • New quick pick printing presets for common print jobs.
  • Improved multi-threaded processing for faster printing.
  • Enhanced command line functionality with more automation options.
  • Additional paper tray and stapling controls.
  • New security options like password protected and encrypted PDF output.
  • Compatibility updates for latest Windows 11 and Windows Server editions.


  • Saves significant time when printing multiple PDF files compared to opening and printing each one individually.
  • Simple and intuitive graphical user interface makes the tool easy to use for beginners.
  • Flexible options to print PDFs ordered alphabetically, by date, by size or fully customized.
  • Ability to add customizable headers and footers like page numbers, dates, or text/image watermarks.
  • Advanced print automation possible by using the command line interface and server edition.
  • Single low cost lifetime license provides excellent value.
  • Lightweight installer downloads and installs quickly.
  • Reliable batch printing performance even with thousands of PDF files.
  • Detailed log reports printing activity and any errors.
  • Available for all Windows platforms – Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.


  • Lacks functionality to convert PDF files to other formats like Word, Excel, HTML etc.
  • No options for cloud printing or sending printed PDFs via email/fax directly from the software.
  • Less features compared to full Adobe Acrobat which can edit, create and assemble PDFs.
  • Only works on Windows currently, not available for Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.
  • The free trial version shows a watermark on printed pages.
  • No optical character recognition (OCR) to detect text in scanned PDFs.
  • Cannot segment or split PDFs, or extract specific pages.
  • Does not support printing of encrypted, password protected or secured PDF files.
  • Only prints PDF files, other file types need conversion to PDF first.
  • No built-in PDF editor to modify the content or properties of a PDF.
  • Cannot create PDFs from scratch, convert to PDF functionality requires Total PDF Converter.

System Requirements

Total PDF Printer requires:

  • Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP. Works on 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or later version.
  • CPU: 1 GHz or faster.
  • RAM: 1GB for client, 2GB for server edition.
  • Hard disk space: 100MB for installation.

How to Download & Install

  1. Go to the end of this link.
  2. Click the “Free Download” button.
  3. Open the downloaded setup file and follow prompts.
  4. Accept license agreement and choose install location.
  5. Once installed, launch Total PDF Printer.
  6. Add PDF files or folders in the sidebar.
  7. Select print settings and output options.
  8. Click “Start Printing” to print the PDF documents.


In summary, Total PDF Printer Crack is an easy to use utility for batch printing unlimited PDFs in one go. It saves time and effort compared to individually printing each file. Flexible print options, customizable headers/footers, and automation via command line make it powerful for advanced users. The affordable single payment license provides excellent value. Overall, it’s a great choice for efficiently printing large numbers of PDF documents on Windows platforms.

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