Windows Server 2019 ISO [All Versions] Free Download

Windows Server 2019 ISO

Windows Server 2019 ISO

Windows Server 2019 ISO is the latest Microsoft Windows Server operating system release. It was released on October 2, 2018. Also, it is based on Windows Server 2016, released in September 2016. The new operating system includes all of the features from Windows Server 2016 and new features and improvements.

One of the most notable new features in Windows Server 2019 is Windows Server containers. Containers allow you to package an application with its dependencies and run it on any server that supports container technology.

Another new feature is the ability to run Windows Server on Azure, which is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. Azure allows you to run Windows Server in the cloud, which can be more cost-effective and scalable than on-premises.

Windows Server 2019 ISO

Windows Server 2019 also includes improved security features, such as the ability to encrypt data at rest and in transit and improved auditing and logging.

If you’re looking for a new server operating system, Windows Server 2019 is a great option. It includes all of Windows Server 2016 and new features and improvements.

Windows Server 2019 Download ISO 64 Bit

Some benefits of Windows Server 2019 include its support for hybrid clouds, improved security features, and enhanced performance. Additionally, Windows Server 2019 supports Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows users to run Linux applications directly on Windows.

Windows Server 2019 is the successor to Windows Server 2016. It is a server operating system part of the Windows NT family.

Windows Server 2019 ISO

It is based on the Windows Server 2016 codebase. Also, it includes all the features that were available in Windows Server 2016 and new features that have been added since then.

  • Support for running Windows Server containers
  • A new Storage Migration Service that makes it easier to move data to a new server
  • Moreover, a redesigned networking stack that includes support for the latest networking technologies
  • A new Windows Subsystem for Linux that allows you to run Linux applications on Windows

If you are looking for a server operating system packed with new features and enhancements, then Windows Server 2019 is a great choice.


  • Windows Server 2019 is the latest version of the Windows Server operating system.
  • It was released on October 2, 2018.
  • Windows Server 2019 is based on the Windows Server 2016 codebase.
  • It includes all the features of Windows Server 2016, as well as new features such as:
  • Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a new version that includes support for multiple monitors and 4K resolution.
  • Moreover, a new version of the Hyper-V virtualization platform includes support for nested virtualization and increased scalability.
  • A new Storage Spaces Direct feature allows for the creation of storage pools using locally-attached storage devices.
  • Improved security features include support for the Secure Boot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 standard.
  • A new Azure File Sync service allows for the synchronization of files with Azure Storage.
  • The Windows Server 2019 operating system is available in Standard and Datacenter.

Windows Server 2019 ISO

Increased security

With the introduction of features like Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Windows Server 2019 provides increased security against malware and other threats.

Improved performance

Windows Server 2019 includes numerous performance improvements, such as faster startup times and improved storage performance.

Enhanced virtualization

The new Hyper-V features in Windows Server 2019 make creating and managing virtual machines easier and provide increased security and flexibility.

Improved networking

The new networking features in Windows Server 2019 make it easier to connect to and manage network resources.

New management and automation features

Windows Server 2019 includes new and improved management and automation features that make it easier to deploy and manage server deployments.

Windows Server 2019 ISO


Some benefits of Windows Server 2019 include the following:

  • Hybrid capabilities with Azure
  • Improved security features
  • Advanced networking capabilities
  • Improved Hyper-V virtualization
  • New storage features
  • Enhanced Windows PowerShell
  • Improved management and monitoring tools
  • A new licensing model that is based on cores instead of processors
  • A new feature called Windows Admin Center for managing server deployments
  • Moreover, a new storage feature, Storage Spaces Direct, usesing commodity storage devices.
  • Improvements to security, including support for shielded virtual machines
  • A new networking feature called Network Configuration Agent for simplifying network configuration management


  • Windows Server 2019 is faster and more stable than previous versions.
  • The new operating system includes several security improvements, making it more secure than older versions.
  • It includes several new features, making it more flexible and easier to use.
  • The new operating system is compatible with a wide range of hardware and software, making it easier to deploy and manage.


  • Windows Server 2019 is a new operating system, and there may be some teething problems.
  • The new security features may cause compatibility problems with some existing applications.
  • The new features may require some users to retrain to use them effectively.

How to Activate?

You can activate your Windows Server 2019 installation in a few different ways.

  • If you have a valid product key, you can enter it during the setup process. If you purchase your copy of Windows Server 2019 from a retailer, you should find the product key included in the package.
  • If you’re installing Windows Server 2019 from an ISO file, you can specify the product key during the setup process.
  • Once Windows Server 2019 is installed, you can use the slmgr.vbs script to activate it. This script is located in the C:\Windows\System32 directory.
  • To activate Windows Server 2019 using the slmgr.vbs script, open a Command Prompt window and run the following command:
  • slmgr.vbs -ipk <product key>
  • Replace <product key> with your actual product key.
  • Once the product key has been successfully entered, you can activate Windows Server 2019 by running the following command:
  • slmgr.vbs -ato

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